Sweetwater Forum miniature excange (Pt. I)

Hello there!

At the Moment I am quite busy and there is not too much time to paint, but every once in a while I manage to get some paint onto my brushes. The Armoured Battle Group from Dystopian Wars stood around for quite some time now but finally it’s finished! I was not looking for something too spectacular here but I am quite satisfied with how it came out.

The next small Project I will work on is a Roman General on horseback which I got from the Sweetwater-Forum Miniature Exchange. This is a nice Little game where everyone can sign up and get a miniature to paint from one of the other guys taking part. (And you’re sending one of your own miniatures to somebody as well – i sent a gargoyle from HeroQusest)

I am not quite sure how I will paint this guy, I think i’ll just start off and let the brushes do the magic.




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